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Apply Golden Visa Dubai, UAE

Apply for A Golden Visa in Dubai, UAE

The UAE’s introduction of the golden visa program in 2019 has opened doors for foreigners seeking long-term residency and business prospects. This forward-thinking initiative allows eligible individuals to reside, work, and study in the United Arab Emirates without the need for a local sponsor, empowering them with the freedom to establish and fully own their businesses on the UAE’s mainland. The recent amendments to the UAE Resident and Entry Scheme have further broadened the eligibility criteria, making it easier for a broader range of professionals across various occupations to apply for the coveted golden residence visa in Dubai. With the revised regulations, the requirements for obtaining a 10-year visa have been streamlined, enabling more individuals to secure this highly sought-after long-term residency status.
The golden visa offers numerous benefits, including living and working in the UAE without the need for constant visa renewals or the burden of finding a local sponsor. This stability and flexibility provide a conducive environment for entrepreneurs, investors, and skilled professionals to thrive and contribute to the UAE’s vibrant economy. Furthermore, the golden visa program opens up opportunities for families, allowing spouses and children to accompany the primary visa holder, fostering a sense of security and continuity in their personal and professional lives. As the UAE continues to position itself as a global hub for talent and innovation, the golden visa program is a testament to its commitment to attracting and retaining exceptional individuals worldwide.

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What Is Golden Visa?

The UAE Golden Visa is a long-term residence visa that allows foreign talents to live, work or study in the UAE while enjoying exclusive benefits. Investors, entrepreneurs, scientists, outstanding students and graduates, humanitarian pioneers, and frontline heroes are eligible categories for the Golden Visa. This visa enables the holders to reside in the UAE without needing a UAE national sponsor. Golden Visa holders can start their businesses and own 100% of the company in the UAE. The families of Golden Visa holders can also obtain residency in the UAE. The Golden Visa offers a flexible and long-term residency option to attract global talent to the UAE.

Benefits Of Having Golden Visa In UAE?

The Golden Visa offers numerous advantages to its holders, including:

  1. Long-term residency: Validity periods of up to 10 years, providing stability and security.
  2. Family sponsorship: The ability to sponsor family members, including spouses and children.
  3. Flexible entry and exit: Multiple entry permits allow for hassle-free travel.
  4. Investment opportunities: Access to a wide range of business and investment opportunities in the UAE.
  5. High-quality living standards: Enjoy the UAE’s renowned quality of life, safety, and world-class infrastructure.
  6. Secure future: The Golden Visa provides security and stability for long-term planning and wealth management.
  7. Access to education: Golden Visa holders and their families can access the UAE’s excellent educational institutions.
  8. Tax benefits: Golden Visa holders may enjoy various tax benefits and exemptions depending on the emirate.

Additional benefits for Golden Visa Holders in different Emirates:

  1. Dubai: Golden Visa holders in Dubai can benefit from the emirate’s thriving business environment, world-class infrastructure, and tax-free incentives for businesses and individuals.
  2. Abu Dhabi: Golden Visa holders in Abu Dhabi can take advantage of the emirate’s diverse investment opportunities, particularly in sectors such as real estate, healthcare, and renewable energy. Additionally, they may be eligible for discounts on various government services and fees.
  3. Sharjah: Golden Visa holders can enjoy a family-friendly environment, excellent healthcare facilities, and a vibrant cultural scene in Sharjah.
  4. Ajman: Golden Visa holders in Ajman can benefit from the emirate’s business-friendly policies, affordable cost of living, and proximity to other significant emirates.
  5. Ras Al Khaimah: Golden Visa holders can take advantage of the emirate’s focus on sustainable tourism, real estate opportunities, and outdoor activities.
  6. Fujairah: Golden Visa holders in Fujairah can enjoy the emirate’s scenic natural landscapes, coastal attractions, and growing industrial and commercial sectors.
  7. Umm Al Quwain: Golden Visa holders can benefit from Umm Al Quwain’s peaceful environment, investment opportunities in various sectors, and proximity to other major emirates.

These additional benefits can vary based on each emirate’s specific policies and incentives, providing Golden Visa holders with a range of options based on their personal preferences and professional aspirations.

Requirements For Golden Visa In UAE

The specific requirements for the UAE Golden Visa vary depending on the category you apply for. However, some general requirements include:

  1. Valid passport and UAE residency visa (for applicants already residing in the UAE).
  2. Proof of meeting the eligibility criteria for the respective category (e.g., investment details, business ownership, academic records).
  3. Proof of financial solvency and income sources.
  4. Medical fitness certificate.
  5. Other supporting documents as requested by the authorities.

Requirements for Golden Visa in UAE for Category-wise:

  1. Proof of investment of at least AED 10 million in a UAE-based investment fund or a company operating in the UAE.
  2. Proof of ownership of a property in the UAE worth at least AED 10 million.
  3. The relevant authorities require other documents.
  1. Proof of ownership of a successful business in the UAE with an annual revenue of at least AED 1 million.
  2. Approval from a recognized accredited body in the UAE (e.g., Dubai SME, Khalifa Fund for Enterprise Development).
  3. Business plan and financial statements for the last two years.
Special Talents:
  1. Proof of recognition or accreditation in their respective field (e.g., scientists, researchers, doctors, inventors, intellectuals, etc.).
  2. Recommendation letters from relevant authorities or institutions.
  3. Proof of academic and professional achievements.
Outstanding Students and Graduates:
  1. Proof of graduation from one of the top universities globally (as per the official list).
  2. Proof of exceptional academic performance (e.g., GPA, awards, achievements).
  3. Recommendation letters from professors or academic institutions.
Real Estate Investors:
  1. Proof of ownership of a property in the UAE worth at least AED 2 million.
  2. Proof of financial solvency and income sources.
  3. The relevant authorities require other documents.

Obtain Your UAE Golden Visa in Just a Few Simple Steps!

At Incorpyfy, we understand the importance of obtaining the UAE Golden Visa and the potential it holds for your future. Our experienced team will guide you through the application process, ensuring a smooth and hassle-free experience. Here are the few steps involved:

Step 1: Initial Consultation

Your journey towards the UAE Golden Visa begins with an initial consultation with our experts. During this step, we will assess your eligibility, discuss the various categories, and understand your requirements. This consultation will help us determine the most suitable path for your Golden Visa application.

Step 2: Document Preparation

Once the appropriate category is identified, our team will assist you in gathering and preparing all the necessary documents. This includes obtaining proof of eligibility, financial statements, medical certificates, and other supporting documents required by the authorities.

Step 3: Application Submission

With the required documents in place, we will handle the submission of your Golden Visa application to the relevant authorities on your behalf. Our experienced professionals will ensure that your application is complete, accurate, and compliant with all regulations.

Step 4: Follow-up and Communication

Throughout the application process, we will communicate regularly with the authorities and provide you with timely updates on the status of your application. Our team will promptly address any queries or additional requirements that may arise.

Step 5: Golden Visa Issuance

Upon successful application approval, we will assist you in obtaining your UAE Golden Visa. This includes guidance on additional procedures or formalities required to complete the process.

Step 6: Post-Approval Assistance

Even after you obtain your Golden Visa, Incorpyfy will continue to support you. We can provide guidance on residency-related matters, such as family sponsorship, investment opportunities, and any other assistance you may require to maximize your Golden Visa status.

With Incorpyfy as your trusted partner, you can rest assured that your UAE Golden Visa application will be handled with utmost professionalism and efficiency. Our commitment to excellence and personalized service ensures your journey towards long-term residency in the UAE is seamless and rewarding.

How Can We Help You Getting Uae Golden Visa?

As a trusted Golden Visa service provider, Incorpyfy offers end-to-end support throughout the application process. Our services include:

  1. Eligibility assessment: We evaluate your profile and provide guidance on the most suitable category for your Golden Visa application.
  2. Document preparation: Our experts assist in gathering and preparing all the required documents for a complete and compliant application.
  3. Application submission: We handle the submission of your Golden Visa application to the relevant authorities, ensuring accuracy and compliance.
  4. Follow-up and communication: We maintain regular communication with the authorities and provide you with updates on the status of your application.
  5. Post-approval assistance: Once approved, we assist you with the necessary steps to obtain your Golden Visa and ensure a smooth transition to your new residency status.

We offer seamless services for applying for the UAE Golden Visa with the help of our immigration experts who provide guidance on meeting the requirements. Our company takes a personalized approach, prioritizing each client’s unique needs and objectives while we adhere to the UAE’s changing legal standards for business setups. We provide end-to-end support, from initial consultation to application submission, leveraging our in-depth knowledge of regulations and requirements. Our team meticulously prepares the application, maximizing the chances of successful Golden Visa approval and unlocking the opportunities that come with this prestigious long-term visa in the UAE.

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